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How to start investing in whiskey from scratch, recoup your investment in 5 years and earn on whiskey from € 1 million

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Baltic Whisky Bank

Why whiskey and not something else

Whiskey investment beats classics in annual consumption growth: art, wine, cars.

The value of rare whiskey items has grown by 40% over the past year.

For 4 years since December 2017, sales of whiskey have grown by 280%, and over the past 7 years by 360%.

Investment in whiskey is more accessible to novice collectors.

Investing in whiskey is safer: the wine matures in the bottle and can go bad due to many factors, but the whiskey cannot.

Who we are

We are a Lithuanian company from Vilnius called We have been successfully investing in cask whiskey for many years. For 2014-2018 alone, Lithuania exported whiskey for €1 billion. works with many well-known European whiskey brands in an outsourcing format, producing the highest quality product. Our specialists are experts in decorating and supplying all packaging components to deliver the mature whiskey to the market. CEO and Founder, Mykolas Kamaras, created Baltik Whiskey Bank by combining his passion for the production of this divine alcoholic drink and his investment experience.

More details

What do we offer

Invest in barrels of whiskey, earning a yield of 12% to 20% per year.

What do our services include

  • Brand design and trade-mark projecting
  • Distillation, alcohol production and bottling services
  • Development of new blends for your beverages
  • Development of packaging and design for a new product

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Why us

The whiskey you purchase at is safely stored in excise and insured warehouses until you decide to sell your property to other buyers, distilleries or bottled for retail sales, creating your own brand.

How do we work with you

  • You’re negotiating a purchase price for a large amount of fresh alcohol from the distillery.
  • The distillery receives the funds it needs to work.
  • Our profit is added to this cost.
  • The produced alcohols are stored in oak barrels at the excise warehouse. The barrels are fully insured against fire, theft, accidental or intentional damage for 5 years.
  • You get money for selling alcohol lots without having any credit obligations and without losing anything on interest payments.

How do your investments work

Whiskey production

The malt spirit is distilled using modern equipment and stored in barrels to mature the whiskey. Thus, in we produce premium whiskey. When the product is resold, its value increases.

Safe storage

We will organize the storage of whiskey in oak barrels with maintenance and insurance for 5 years in an excise warehouse for you.

Work with investors

Each barrel of whiskey will cost you between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. This price includes a handmade barrel, about 225 litres of whiskey inside, storage and 5 years of insurance. The ownership of this whiskey is registered in your name. From now on, it becomes your asset. You can sell it at any time - the whole barrel at once or bottling whiskey.

Evaluation of whiskey "age"

After 5 years, you will have about 385-400 bottles of 700ml whiskey per barrel (46% ABV). The slight reduction in volume is due to the "angel's share", approximately 2% of annual evaporation. Some five-year-old whiskeys can be sold for between 40 and 110 euros per bottle. Consider taxes, bottling and shipping charges when estimating total profits per barrel.

Withdrawal from an investment project

We suggest you start with 3 years of ageing. While the value of whiskey increases with each passing year, there are markets for whiskey of all ages. This is essentially an investment that requires patience but yields maximum returns.

Start making money with whiskey

Where to sell your whiskey.
The top-5 markets

  • USA: €1069 million.
  • France: €432 million.
  • Singapore: €300 million
  • Taiwan: €205 million
  • Germany: €184 million

What if…
4 ways to exit an investment project

  • Sell your volume to an existing whiskey brand
  • Sell to other investors or collectors
  • Sell your volume of whiskey at auction
  • Sell your volume of whiskey for private bottling


Question 1. Where is the barrel and if I can visit the storage place?

The barrel will be kept at the manufacturer's excise warehouse in Lithuania.

Some distilleries keep casks, but space is often limited, and most casks are stored in larger warehouses outside the distilleries. Some industries do not allow visits to the distillery, while others allow visits by appointment.

Question 2. How are storage and insurance carried out?

Each warehouse in Lithuania works differently. Our company Baltic Whisky Bank simplifies administration - we store your barrels free of charge for three years after purchase, and then we charge a small annual fee to cover the costs.

Question 3. Can I get samples?

Our barrels sell quickly, so it is not always possible to get samples for potential buyers. But after purchase, we can send you samples for a small fee, depending on the barrel’s storage location. Many warehouses have strict rules on storage and access to barrels, which can slow down the shipment of samples. You might have to wait several weeks for the sample to be received.

Question 4. How difficult is the purchase process?

We try to make the buying process as easy as possible. Our sales representative will be in touch with you by phone or email throughout the investment journey. And if you visit Vilnius, be sure to come to our office.

Question 5. How can I make the payment?

We accept bank transfers (local and international).

Question 6. Do you have international shipping?

By law, maturing barrels must remain in Lithuania and cannot be sent abroad. Once the whisky is bottled, we can ship it anywhere in the world. Shipping prices vary by country. The customer pays for bottle packaging, design, and labelling, as well as shipping costs and local taxes and tariffs.

Question 7. What is the “age” rate for whisky barrels?

Sherry and bourbon - 0 years old, 10 years old, 20 years old, 30 years old.

All barreled whisky goes up in price, but this may differ from one barrel to another.

Question 8. What then?

Then you decide the destiny of your barrel.

Dive yourself into the magic of the distillery

We invite you to visit our factory in Vilnius where barrels are made. You will take a look behind the scenes of a large enterprise, modernized according to all European production standards, and meet our team.

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